What is so Special About S&W Training?  
  Our clients are International Executives – our program is specially tuned to this Target Group.  
  • At S&W Language, Business and Communication Trainers work hand in hand.
  • You, as a client, contribute your professional competencies – we help you to apply them in German.
  • We provide you with the necessary Cultural Understanding to be able to communicate successfully in German – both while doing business and while socializing.
  • Our team, program, material and atmosphere are designed to meet the particular needs of our clientele.
  • S&W Training understands the beauty of small scale. Our clients see this very personal atmosphere as one of our strengths.
  • High expectations for the quality of our instruction and service, careful regard for the wishes of each individual client and lots of fun in the process distinguish the whole team at S&W Training.
  • Whenever you would like to and are able to come visit us – you are always very welcome:
  • Flexible and client-oriented, we are there for you 50 weeks a year – even on holidays and weekends.
  • As you can read, we do a lot for you and we do it with the greatest pleasure
  • On top of this, you’ll find in Meersburg and the region a perfect environment.