Culture Management  
  The intercultural program for your success in Germany  

Target Group:

  Executives and their partners who are already living in Germany as expatriates or come into close contact with the German economy in their respective countries.  
  Our Offer:  
  Intercultural Workshops  
  • Fit for Germany
  • Welcome to Germany
  • Successful in Germany
  Intercultural Information Modules  
  • The German Economy
  • The German Manager
  • Communication & Decision making in Germany
  • Germany - Europe's leading power?
  • The German after work
  • Youth and family in Germany
  Culture Coaching  
  offers individual, competent and discreet support in all intercultural matters.  
  Cultour: Intercultural Worktrip  
  • "Train"-ing Germany
  • Berlin CULTOUR
  • Bavaria CULTOUR
  • Rhein-Main CULTOUR
  International Team Building  
  More information about Culture Management as PDF